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Friday, January 30, 2009

Just Some lOLz

-A hilarious post script to the octuplet story- the mother already has six kids. And all fourteen (that's 14) of her children were conceived using sperm from the same donor. And she's single and still lives with her parents. LOL

-Rush Limbaugh is being touted as the "new" voice of the "new" Republican Party. I'm sorry, is this 1993? Speaking of the Republican Party, they elected Michael Steele as the new head of the RNC. Cause what better way to counter the popularity of Barack Obama than to elect a senatorial loser like Michael Steele? But hey, at least he's black! And he was lieutenant governor of Maryland! Way to go Republicans! Way to not make empty gestures of conciliation to ethnic minorities, who are abandoning your party in droves!

-The "recession" is going to get worse and when recovery does come, it will be "slow and weak." Thanks, MSN!

-I have a migraine and I think my head is going to split open! Yay! Have a great fuckin' weekend, y'all! I certainly will!!!!!!!!111


Woozie said...

Was it Unokhan that said "headache is gin spelled backwards"?

Beelzebub said...

Yes and I believe it was me who said, "Screw both y'all."

unokhan said...
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JollyRoger said...

Oxy-Moron should be lauded! He's managed to prove just how far a dope-addicted pedophile can go in America! Now really, in other, less "free" countries, wouldn't he be in jail?

unokhan said...
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