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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lord, Bless This Bounty For Which We Are About To Conceive

In case you haven't heard, a set of octuplets was born in California last week. All eight babies are said to be doing well, as it their mother. As usual when a woman gives birth to a litter of Frankenstein children, the media is going gaga apeshit over this news. Personally, I find it highly disturbing. Highly.

We don't know much about the mother, because she and her doctors are in some sort of weird media blackout, only occasionally updating us on the status of these freak kids. But we can surely conclude that mother used fertility drugs and that she's a paranoid narcissist.

Because, seriously. How fuckin' full of your own infertile shit do you have to be to think you deserve to have six plus children at once? Only in America is this type of behavior celebrated and encouraged. Remember the McCaughey septuplets, the world's first surviving set of seven babies, born in Iowa in 1997? I do. They were on Oprah the following year, paraded out by their Christian nutbag parents in front of the bright lights and television audience of millions, all in an attempt to prove what a "normal" family they are. A "normal" family that gets a pre- babyproofed mansion as a gift from Oprah.

Now, of course, we have "Jon and Kate Plus 8," a TLC reality show dedicated to this couple with a set of twins and a set of sextuplets. We learn that they are also Christians and full of their own infertile shit. I love how these families are always religious, as if subverting god's own will is going to get you into the express lane to heaven. There's a reason he made you infertile, asshole! Fuck, they're not blessings, they're science experiments. Allah forbid you just adopt a kid or two and leave it at that.

I was watching "Jon and Kate Plus 8" a few weeks ago and Kate was talking about how she gets the kids to line up for shit. She says something like, "I just say, 'Birth order,' and they just know. They know that their birth order was chosen by god." No, not so much. Their birth order was chosen by which fetus was closest to the hole they cut in your overstuffed uterus. And the neonatologists did that, not god. Or Jesus.

There is nothing at all normal or healthy about a woman carrying more than, like, three babies in her at once. And even triplets is a stretch, both morally and anatomically. I can't believe any insurance company in this country would be willing to cover the delivery of eight premature babies at once and the subsequent ten years in the NICU they'll require. But then again, I guess that's what Oprah's for.


Woozie said...

You? A Liberalista? Talking about morals?


alana said...

I don't really get why people think it's so amazing either.

Really it's just tacky.

JollyRoger said...

It's really a fucking shame that Natalie Sarkisyan couldn't get even a tenth of this kind of attention while she was still with us. But you apparently have to be white and talk about Jesus a lot before anyone gives a shit about your condition.

If there is indeed some kind of supreme being, it is kind of hard to imagine why he/she would let these dumbfucks exist at all. Bring on the lightning bolts, for Dog's sake.

unokhan said...

breeders, meh

Beelzebub said...

@ woozie: As a liberalista, I am allowed to judge those who judge. It's in the Communist Manifesto, somewhere in the back.

@ alana: Aww, but the litter of six-ounce infants with breathing tubes and wires coming out of them everywhere are so precious!

@ JollyRoger: I have no idea who that is but yeah, I do wish these people would get the divine message.

@ unokhan: OMG! They're a great band! Kim Deal rockz!

JollyRoger said...

Google her, or look her up in Reconstitution. I promise you, you will be hair-tearing angry.

Haworth said...

crazy crazy people two will be all i will have and that will be at a push.