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Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Free Wishlist

Here's a quick post for a thing at Twentysomething bloggers:

"A wishlist of things you want that are free":

-To see Obama and his family walk into the White House, knowing he's a smart guy who's right for the job. And knowing the White House was constructed by slave labor. It'll be pretty righteous. :)

-To see George Walker Bush walk out of the White House. For. ever. And just generally putting a period at the end of the past eight years of shock and blah.

-I wouldn't mind witnessing a Nuremberg-style trial for the Bushites but I'd settle for closing Guantanomo Bay.

-To watch the swearing in of the Republican-lite 111th Congress.

-To see that Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at Bush win the Nobel Prize for Awesome.

-For 2009 to not suck, personally and professionally.

-To see this depression lift, personally and globally.

-That Sarah Palin continues to hang around. She makes me lOlz.

-Wuv and understanding. And more hugs. Hugs are always good.

-To see a less insane world. Or at least a world that's more 'good' crazy than 'batshit' crazy.

-For more people to just freakin' relax and laugh at shit. Humor does not have a partisan bias (though we libs are way funnier).

-For Obama to really be the anti-Christ. Wouldn't that be hilarious?!


JollyRoger said...

Chimpy should rent himself out to state fairs in the dunking station. People would willingly pay $2 a shoe to try to dunk the monkey. For ONCE, he'd be doing something to actually help the economy.

alana said...

Is the second to last one a euphemism for asking for a bong?

I could use one too. lol

Beelzebub said...

@ JollyRoger: That is a great idea. Unfortunately, no one has any money, so the government would have to bailout the booth.

@ alana: Oh, of course not! Beelzebub is a total supporter of the War on Marijuana. The Devil only wins with stuff that actually kills people, like alcohol, cigarettes, fast food, Little Debbie, and prescription drugs.

But I guess if people need a little help relaxing to laugh at stuff, then who am I to judge? *innocent face*