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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The USA Has Left The Building

Despite the shitty economy, I have a job opportunity lined up. I'm going to be a part-time census taker! Yeah! It's exactly what I went to college for!

Actually, it is. I have a B.S. in political science and now I'll be working for the Man (at least through 2009). All I need to do is pass the introductory test.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the economy in general and like everyone, I'm worried and pissed off and pessimistic. Like a lot of people, I blame Bush and the Republicans for allowing Wall Street to run amok and piss our money and future into the wind. And I know Obama has a mountain of work to do to pull us out of the crater they've left us in. I have no idea how he's going to do it though. The media's acting like if he can just pull off some shit FDR did in 1933 then everything will be fine but they're overlooking a fundamental difference between now and then: almost nothing sold in the U.S. is actually made in the U.S. anymore. We need to get over this notion that the United States can overcome this "hiccup" and be the great superpower again. We've reached an impasse and the world is much different now. Let's just throw China the reigns and be like Europeans, whining and bitching about the evil Chinese empire while doing nothing ourselves. I hope Obama can achieve some stability in our economy but I also hope he's realistic about our deflated place on the world stage.

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