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Saturday, October 25, 2008

'Religulous' Is Heavenly

I just have to comment on one of the best movies I've seen this year. Of course, I had to drive two and a half hours to the 'burbs to see "Religulous," because any movie with a hint of controversy is too much for my redneck hometown, but it was worth it for such a piece of cinematic excellence.

Bill Maher is a personal hero of mine and he cements that status with his snarky, smart comments in this movie. I loved it because, like he says repeatedly, he's just asking questions about all the dumb shit religion is predicated on. As an atheist, I appreciated that he wasn't all angry and in people's faces. He just calmly and hilariously broke down the dumbass beliefs that way too many in this world allow to infect their politics and thought processes. I think all too often atheists get a bad wrap for hating religious people but we don't. We just hate the stupid shit they believe. I can't fault people for wanting to believe that their sad little lives will somehow pay off with eternal bliss but at the same time, it's stupid and baseless. And that's the point Mr. Maher was making in "Religuous." Highly recommended.

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