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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vote Early, Vote Often

Something that has me intrigued is the early voting phenomenon. According to an AP story, more Democrats are casting early ballots than Republicans, even in beet red states like Georgia. This is a reversal of the trend, because usually more GOPers get out the vote early.

31 states allow early voting and, of course, Maryland is not one of them. At least not yet. We have an early voting initiative on our ballot next week that I plan on supporting. I would venture to say most Marylanders want it.

The pros: it stretches out the election period over a few weeks as opposed to a single 12-hour day, thus bringing more people into the system who would otherwise sit it out. Secondly, it makes it goddamn hard for lazy people to make excuses not to vote. And thirdly, it's way more convenient. Hell, I saw the other day on CNN that some district in Nevada has polls set up in a mall! A fucking mall!

Of course, early voting has its nay-sayers, chiefly my own dad. He whines that it'll make it easier to commit fraud. And I'm like, "Dad, people commit fraud anyway. At least early voting makes it harder (or at least more inconvenient) for Republicans to use scare tactics."

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