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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Buying History

Over the past few days, the tv has been offering us this commemorative plate noting Barack Obama's victory. The idea that this historic moment in U.S. history would be whored out for cash isn't surprising or even disgusting to me- it's entirely expected. But the fact that the plate was clearly rushed before the final electoral college map was known makes it feel just a touch cheaper.

The next time you see it, note the "final electoral tally" for President-elect Obama. It's 349, not exactly the 365 he ended up with. Dumbasses.

Anyway, the best part of the commercial is the white middle American family expressing their uncontainable glee over Obama's win. They're all huddled, hugging, around their beloved commemorative plate like it's the baby Jesus. I know infomercial acting is always sincere, genuine, and not loud, but this particular commercial gets me everytime. *wipes tear from eye*

Of course I won't be buying this shit. I made a piece of history by voting for Obama, and that shit didn't cost $19.99.

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