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Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Republican Paradox

I am the typical southern Democrat. I share many Democratic philosophies as well as some conservative ones; not too far to the left or right. I am the typical American voter. As someone who has an interest in politics (quite a vested interest to be exact; I'm a political science major in college), I've noticed some incongruities in Republican thought.

First of all- they're pro-life. They're pro-life because, apparently, they're now the party of the religious and killing babies is wrong. However, they're pro-capitol punishment. OK, so sucking some cells out of my uterus is murder but frying someone in the electric chair is simply justice? Riiiight. I'm pro-choice and pro-capitol punishment; I'm consistently pro-death.

The current administration is running under the mantra of "compassionate conversatism," among others ("Vote For Us Or DIE!!!" is another Bush/Cheney mantra that comes to mind). However, more people have lost their health care coverage and more children have slipped into poverty since Bush took office. Not to mention the hundred thousand Iraqi civilans who lost their lives under Bush's "compassionate" war. Bush's "compassionate" tax cut favored the wealthiest people in this country, while stiffing the rest of us with increased health care premiums and decade-high gasoline prices (Can't we just take Iraq's oil already?). That's why I find the results of the election totally mind-boggling. People still seem to think that Bush a "good ol' boy" who's just like them. Bush may act like the dumbass next door, but he is just your typical spoiled rich kid who wants nothing more than to placate his wealthy "Big Bidniz" buddies and pack the courts full of fanatical right-wing judges who will overturn Roe v. Wade and execute retarded people, thus ending all of America's problems. It's insane!

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